In The Garden

At Garden to Table (GTT), Sylvia plays a pivotal role in holistic learning experience offered by the Garden to Table program and nurturing the gardening aspect of the program. Her primary focus involves working closely with students to instill a passion for gardening while aiming to cultivate a variety of fruits and vegetables to be used in the kitchen part of the program.

Sylvia's sessions within GTT are interactive and hands-on, where she engages students in various gardening activities. Through her guidance, students learn the fundamentals of gardening, from planting seeds and tending to seedlings to understanding the lifecycle of plants. Her approach encourages curiosity and a deep appreciation for the natural world, fostering a love for sustainable practices among the students.

One of Sylvia's key objectives is to establish an environment conducive to producing a diverse range of fruits and vegetables. She aims to create a sustainable source within the program by gradually increasing the quantity of produce grown, ultimately supplying the kitchen with homegrown ingredients for the culinary part of GTT.

Furthermore, Sylvia's contribution extends beyond traditional gardening efforts. She plays an instrumental role in the development and maintenance of the "Food Forest," a unique and thriving ecosystem within Fruitvale grounds. This initiative not only showcases biodiversity but also serves as an educational resource, illustrating the interconnectedness of various plant species and their roles within a self-sustaining environment.

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