Showquest 2019 Video

Over 60 Fruitvale students performed at Spark Arena - Check out the video here.

Mrs Viskovich and Courtney Evans entered a crew of over 60 students from 5 - 10years old to compete in the annual ShowQuest competition.  The crew retold the 2018 Fruitvale Production of the Papatuanuku and Ranginui Creation Story in an eleven minute dance performance.  After months of hard work, and hours of preparation, rehersals and countless hours sewing costumes the Fruitvale Crew took to the stage competing against twelve other schools, including intermediate schools from across the whole of Auckland, Fruitvale came 3rd overall also winning the prize for costume design and the coverted Tikanga award for sportsmanship, this was the most awards presented to any school in the Auckland competition. 

Their performance was exceptional it was a testimony to the talent, commitment and dedication our beautiful tamariki can achieve at Fruitvale School. 

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