We are currently in the process of revising and reorganising our policies and procedures. When this review process is complete we will be attaching a link from the website to a Fruitvale 'Schooldocs' site.  'Schooldocs', is a company that we are subscribing too whose job is to ensure schools are up-to-date in the current and rapidly changing legislative environment.
Whilst we are in the review process, please be aware we are operating on the basis of the policies and procedures currently attached to this website."

Policies and Procedures

The following included documents cover the policies of Fruitvale Primary School. Behind the policies sit the more detailed “Procedural and Administrative Guidelines” which state ‘the how, what and why details’ for each policy.

For a school to function effectively and provide quality learning opportunities for children it needs to have well-articulated, user-friendly policies which, in turn, need to be supported by workable readily understandable procedures and administrative guidelines. The on-going review of School Policy is a very important and vital facet of school management and administration.

It is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees to review and/or ratify policy with the Principal and management responsible for the procedures and administrative guidelines that implement the policy. The ratification of policies is done annually by the Board.

The policies detailed here dovetail with the School Charter (viewable HERE), which is the overriding, or “Grand Master”, of all documents.

Following, then, are the current Fruitvale Primary School Policies. Each policy is reviewed every year; with the procedures and administrative guidelines being reviewed as and when necessary. Where the word ‘parent’ is used, this refers to parent, caregiver or guardian.

The policies cover the six NAGS. These are also reflected in the School Charter.

The areas are:


NAG 1 – Curriculum

Curriculum Delivery

Drug Education

Educational Trips, Visits and EOTC 2016


Gifted and Talented

Guidance and Support 2016


Information – Communication – Technology

Internet Use and Cyber Safety

Cyber Smart Student Use Agreement 2016


Planning and Preparation

Sexuality Education

Taha Maori

Values and Social Skills Education


NAG 2 – Documentation and Review

Board of Trustees 2016

Curriculum Review

Parent-School Communication and Consultation

Self Review 2016

Self Review Cycle


NAG 3 – Personnel

Classroom Release Time

Equal Employment Opportunities

Exit Interviews- Questionnaire – Exit Interviews

Leave of Absence

Parent Concerns/Complaints- Procedures for Dealing with Parent Concern

Performance Management

Professional Conduct and Teaching Practices

Professional Development- Tertiary Fees Subsidy

Staff Competency- Procedures

Staff Induction

Staffing Appointments

Unit Management


NAG 4 – Finance and Property

Finance Policy

Fixed Assets

International Students

Property Management


NAG 5 – Health and Safety

Animal Code of Ethics

Anti Bullying


Chemical Spillage

Child Abuse

Emergency Management

Health and Safety 2016

Emergency Procedures EOTC

Medical Issues

Online Publication of Student and Staff Images and Work


NAG 6 – Legislation

Copyright and Licences


Police Vet for Employees


Protected Disclosure

Smoke Free Environment

Stand Down and Suspension

Student Placement

Te Tiriti o Waitangi