After School Care


Afterschool Service is called 'Funtimez' and is owned and managed by Carol Raynes.

Hours are:
Morning:  7:00 - 8:30am
Afternoon: 3.00 – 6.00pm

Holiday programmes: Most holiday periods there are holiday programmes offered.

Please contact Carol Raynes on 02102498202



have an excellent large school pool. It is open to the students in Term 1 and 4 and is unheated.

We teach the students water safety and basic stroke development. All students are expected to be a part of the instruction that happens in the pool every day of many weeks of term 1 and 4. Please ensure they have the appropriate costume and towel available each day.

The pool is currently open to the school community during the school holidays. It is a wonderful facility and one we want to see used as fully and effectively as possible. When keys are bought a contract needs to be understood, signed and abided by to ensure the pool remains well maintained long into the future.

Gymnasium / Hall

Gymnasium / Hall

The gymnasium has a basketball court size inside.

There is a tuck-shop attached, toilets, seating and tables are available for use. This is due for renovation in the New Year and we look forward to fresh surfaces for our children’s and the communities use.


The hall is often hired for parties and community events or programmes.
Sound, lighting and staging are not available for hire.
Please ring the office for bookings: (09) 8272752



We are blessed with wonderful gardens, a growing orchard, vegetable gardens, decorative native gardens, rose gardens and now a ‘daylighted’ stream.

The stream and surrounding parklands are newly established and will become a great resource for the school over the coming years where we can create opportunities for outdoor study and play that supplements and supports what we do in the classrooms.

We believe it offers to the community of Fruitvale the chance to make a wonderful playground that the children can explore and learn from.

We have plans for an outdoor classroom and barbeque area, walk-ways and platforms around the stream and planting and ground formations that can be used imaginatively for community events, outdoor celebrations and the traditional athletic and sporting pursuits of our children. Over the next 2-5 years many native and introduced flowers, plants and trees will be planted to make this area a wonderful place to be.

Large Playing Fields

Large Playing Fields

Large Playing Fields:

We are lucky to able to use Northall park during the weekdays and we have our own field on the Fruitvale Road Side of the school. These are used by clubs and the community when not in use by the school.


We have astroturfed much of our netball courts and under the playgrounds across the school. This has increased the enjoyment of the outside areas for the students and meant that the playgrounds are safer. We look forward to continuing to build the resources available to the school and its community into the future.

Future Projects

Future Projects

Information learning hub:
We have the concept drawings and have begun to set up the pedagogy in 2013-2016. The building alterations are projected to happen in 2015 / 16. We want the environment of this particular development to really push the boundaries so that it can truly become the third teacher along with you as parents and us as staff. A team of teachers and leaders went to Melbourne in Australia to look at public schools that have done very interesting things with property. We will try to incorporate some of these insights into what we do. 

Hall upgrade:
We hope to be able to upgrade the facilities in the hall over the next year. The floors will be remarked and the walls brightened. The introduction of stage lighting, a fitted projector and screen and the now upgraded sound system will add considerably to what we are able to do.

Growing 21st century Pedagogies and class spaces:
We believe we have solid pedagogies(The way we teach) that over the next few years we can build alongside Visible Learning Plus,(The corporate arm of John Hatties(2010) ideas, The Kotuitui Network of Schools we are part of and the growing understanding of what it is that makes a collaborative space work for the benefit of teaching and learning. We are continually learning from the schools around us about how best to integrate technologies, furniture and spaces that will make our learning stimulating and exciting.

We are investigating and collaborating with other schools and early childhood centres around and about the philosophies and practices of Reggio Emelia.

Particularly attractive and inspiring are the beliefs: that children are capable of constructing their own learning. That children form an understanding of themselves and their place in the world through their interactions with others. That children are communicators. That learning happens through the 100 languages of children. That the environment is the third teacher and the focus on growing the passions of children to develop their own personal learning journey in the world. 

Reggio Emilia's investment in creating experiences and mentoring development aligns with our own.

Driveways, Parking and Street frontage walls.
Our driveways are in major need of upgrading. We have the plans. We’re dreaming up ways we can finance these plans to lift the safety of these through-ways to our school for your students. We are currently following up leads to create possibilities for future development. Any ideas are gratefully received.

Daylighting of the Scroggy Stream

"Daylighting of the Scroggy Stream," is developing in leaps and bounds as we head towards the actual physical reality of the pipes, at the Northern borders of the school, being taken from the ground and a real living stream taking its place, with all of the flora and fauna that a new stream implies. We are very grateful to Ritchies Coachlines and the Auckland Council for facilitating this opportunity for the school. Watch this space. It is very exciting!